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Enterprise Architecture and PPM

Do your Enterprise Architecture and PPM Strategies align with your desired business and technology investments? In order to translate business and technology strategies into execution, Enterprise Architecture has to link the desired outcomes to the delivered outcomes. This overview provides insight into how Project Architecture plays a crucial role in the project life-cycle, in the elimination […]

How Great is This? Pink Architecture: New Technology Leadership

Guest post from industry expert Jean Gehring. “I admire Linda Cureton, former CIO of NASA and CEO of Muse Technologies Inc. She writes in InformationWeek  that one of the most essential components of effective IT planning is enterprise architecture (EA). Yet EA is considered by most observers to be an utter failure in government. Given […]

REST interface reading smartEA (iteraplan) data

Since release 3.2 an REST interface is available to customers using the smartEA (iteraplan). This technical amendment represents the first step of an improved automatic processing of your EA data. Via an URl model and meta model data from smartEA (iteraplan) can be retrieved in JSON format for further editing. Such information can then be integrated […]

Accelerated Excel import (smartEA/iteraplan 3.2)

This is a guest blog from Daniel Neuer The accelerated Excel import of smartEA (iteraplan) 3.2 cuts time by half, making it faster and easier to iterate in your Enterprise Architecture project. In addition to the enhanced range of functionalities smartEA technical side is continually optimized too. One of the ever recurring requests of the […]

New Context Visualization for Applications – Neighborhood (iteraplan 3.2)

This is a guest blog from Daniel Neuer (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog. There is new context visualization for applications available in iteraplan 3.2. This new neighborhood diagram is adding to the previous choices like information flow, landscape and master plan diagram. The neighborhood diagram shows an application/information system in its application context: It offers […]

EA at ACME Inc. – Visualization Templates for all

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog. After completing the discussion with Charly and the other Deputy Enterprise Architects in front of the board, Doris has to move on with her day-to-day business: She has to comment on the project requests in her region. Luckily she has colleagues […]

EA Key Success Factors

Through many different consulting gigs and seeing different EA initiatives, these are my distilled EA Key Success Factors: Start with why Tell a story Know your stakeholders If in doubt, leave it out Use Visualizations WIIFT – What’s in it for them? Always think about the Benefits of your Stakeholders Business and your other stakeholders […]

What your EA Stakeholders do not care about

This is a list of things your EA Stakeholders do not care about. I always have to retell myself as well as tell clients: Business doesn’t care how clean your IT architecture is. Your stakeholders don’t care how long you spent on creating a report/diagram. Your stakeholders don’t care whose fault the problems are. Your […]

EA at ACME Inc. – Successful reporting!

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog. Doris created the exact visualization the board needed with minimum effort. She is thrilled with the way the burden of reporting has eased. Charly is convinced too: the visualization looks just the way he designed it before. Charly immediately writes e-mails […]

EA at ACME Inc. – How can reporting templates help?

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog. During his coffee break, Charly meets Metodi, who is responsible for the migration to iteraplan 3.1. Metodi has good news for Charly: from now on, iteraplan offers custom dashboards, and the migration is already completed. With Metodi’s support Charly prepares everything […]