New Context Visualization for Applications – Neighborhood (iteraplan 3.2)

This is a guest blog from Daniel Neuer (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

There is new context visualization for applications available in iteraplan 3.2. This new neighborhood diagram is adding to the previous choices like information flow, landscape and master plan diagram. The neighborhood diagram shows an application/information system in its application context:

Context Visualization for Applications
Neighborhood Visualization for Applications

It offers a quick overview which applications are linked to the selected system via interfaces without any configuration effort. Depending on the status of the central Application an according choice of applications is displayed:

Display depending on status
core Applicationrelated Applications

You can download the neighborhood diagram in all formats common in iteraplan (.vdx, .svg, .jpg, .png, .pdf). You can change or enhanced it with additional information e.g. in Visio. Instead of sending out an exported diagram, you can get the most current state  via a direct link/URL.

Here is how to retrieve the new visualization in iteraplan:

Select Neighborhood Visualization
Select Neighborhood Visualization

Check this out today using the new version of iteraplan 3.2. Please click here for the Community Edition and here for the Enterprise Edition. Additional information can be found in the Documentation.

For more information about the official release of iteraplan 3.2. see the iteraplan 3.2 release posting.

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