No code data repositories. For EA, InfoSec, GRC, PMs, …

Goodbye spreadsheets! Welcome data collaboration with smart360!

Use ready templates & frameworks to manage your business.

Manage your IT landscape, risks, agile transformations, cloud transitions, …

Data Collaboration. Reporting & Visualizations. Templates & Frameworks.

Multi-purpose. Multi-repository.

Spreadsheets and SharePoint lists etc. don’t cut it anymore? – Structured data!

Buying all these specific solutions for EA, GRC, Agile, Cloud, … is just too much cost and customization effort? – use smart360’s no code online database!

We fill the gap between generic and specific tools with many preloaded management frameworks – see our solutions!

Frameworks & Templates

Ready to use templates for many use cases

Explore business management frameworks

Enterprise Architecture, Information Security, Project Management, …

EA (TOGAF, IT4IT, ..), LeanISMS, Agile, STIX, BIZBOK, …

Try it out and customize it

Data Collaboration

Get all your data centrally in one repository

Full relational structure – more than just spreadsheets

Collaborate on your data like it is a wiki or github

Track changes. Get notifications. Mobile & Web

SSO, Users, Roles, Permissions

Reports & Visualizations

Create reports & share insights

Many visualization types, not just charts

Powerful reporting & query engine

Full data structure is available immediately

Integrate with many tools via REST API/JSON

Forever free with OpenData.

For team and enterprise versions, contact us!

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Gain Value out of your programs now! EA, Agile, InfoSec, GRC, …