smart360 features


smart360 platform comes with many features.

Plus we offer a bunch of templates on top.

smart360 platform features

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SAAS – Secured Hosting

Certified data centers, regular updates with new features and fixes, infrastructure updates & patches, fully managed

Ready information model for your use-case

Best-in-class data structure for Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and many other use cases.

Create the database to fit your needs

smart360 has the power of a flexible relational data model. Add new elements/tables, add fields for attachments, text, enumerations, checkboxes, links – even geolocations and many more types.

Powerful Reporting & Visualizations

Use the full data structure to query and filter your data. Plus use any of our out of the box working visualizations. They all work with your data.

Pie and bar charts, graphs, portfolio, tree maps, nesting cluster, landscape/matrix, and more.

User Management

You can either use our User Management for teams or integrate your Active Directory

Roles & Permissions

Define who can see and or edit what parts of your data.

Share reports or keep them private

Full history – audit tracking

See who changed what when. Full commit trail of all changes, even meta model changes. Also covering imports.

History can be exported for more analysis.


Online support

User Guide and help material

Call and remote support as well as onsite support available upon request

Mobile ready

Mobile friendly web app you do not need to install any applications on your mobile device. Just use the URL and use smart360 on the go.

Data collaboration

Each element has a unique URL, so you can bookmark a data entry, send the link to someone, etc.

Subscribe to changes and get email notifications.

One central repository helps you to work together

Custom Domain possible

Contact us to get to know further customization and white label options


Full REST-API capable of any repository action (read, update, delete, reports, …)

Single Sign-On

We have built many SSO options, including Microsoft, Okta, Google, SAML/OAuth, …

We can support your SSO setup for sure!


smart360’s REST API is a powerful platform for integrations. Many clients have other systems integrated with smart360 and we can help you to get your IT setup to get the most out of smart360.

Sync & Merge

You can sync tables between smart360 repositories (e.g. between your EAM app and your IT Helpdesk app).

You can sync in remote resources from Google Spreadsheets, CSV files, JSON files, …