Application Rationalization

Follow these steps for a successful Application Rationalization and use smart360 to save money, reduce risks and reduce complexity:

  1. Collect & load list of applications with owners/responsibilities
  2. Identify technical fit/health, business value (strategic & value add) and costs.
  3. Expand application details with business support (Organizations or Capabilities), application’s complexity, vendors, architecture fit, integrations and data privacy
  4. Assess using smart360 preconfigured reports and plan a roadmap
  5. Reduce costs, reduce risks and reduce complexity
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  • Quick & easy application rationalization

    With this template you can start right away.

    Use our integrations, sync and import capabilities to get your current data in the template in no time.

    It’s ease to use. As a result you get immediate value.

    This get’s you a plan on where to start saving money and a better business support.

    Use smart360 simple as a short-term support for your app rationalization, plus get a long term enterprise solution if you want to.