Project Architecture Assessment

Our preconfigured project architecture assessment framework helps you evaluate your projects and their impact and risk.

Determine potential risk and disruptions to the technology landscape, identify compliance issues and get a holistic view into your technology decisions.

Assess your Project and their technology changes/impacts to get ready.


Quick & easy project architecture assessment

With our project architecture assessment template you can start right away.

Use our integrations, sync and import capabilities to get your current projects in the template in no time.

It’s ease to use. As a result you get immediate value.

Perform the project assessments early & often in the technical project lifecycle

Ensure the solution architecture design is upheld.  Other key benefits of performing Project Architecture Assessments include:

  • Aligns to the enterprise’s architecture roadmap.
  • Compliant with architecture principles, technical and non-functional standards.
  • Reuse of development patterns, software, and hardware assets.
  • Refines the technical project’s scope, cost, resources, and risk to more accurately plan the endeavor
  • Accelerate the technical project’s execution by identifying risks, problems, and blockages early in the project lifecycle.

Use smart360 simple as a short-term support for a one-time assessment, plus get a long term enterprise solution if you want to.