smart360’s information management platform can be tailored to fit your needs. Our solution has preconfigured templates for many use-cases and management frameworks.

Excel, Spreadsheets, SharePoint lists etc. are falling short with structured data, and buying specific solutions is expensive and complicated.

Use smart360 as the perfect balance between quick and easy to setup, yet powerful enough to cover your data model and business processes.

Create any data structure that you can imagine. With relationships, restrictions, enumerations, many attribute types (String, (rich) text, integer, numeric, email, phone, file attachments, …).

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Enterprise Architecture Management

From Business Architecture, Application Portfolio, Technology, Project impacts and NFRs & Patterns – all in one repository.

Powerful integrations with other IT tools.


Agile & Scrum & SAFe

With integrations to project and portfolio management solutions we can help you bring value stream and organization networks together and drive your assessments and alignment.

Use our ready templates for an IT & Business aligned SAFe implementation.


GRC, GDPR, InfoSec, …

From Governance, Risks, Controls over GDPR to Information Security:

We have ready templates to get you started!

Generate reports

Application Rationalization

Use smart360 to save costs and reduce complexity

List the usage and benefits of your applications to drive rationalization

Browse & share

Cloud Assessments

Ready, set, cloud

Get to know your application portfolio and how it can best move to the cloud


Project Architecture Assess

Evaluate your projects and their impact and risk

Identify compliance issues and get a holistic view into your technology decisions

Generate reports

Issue tracking

Use smart360 as a lightweight project management tool

Have a central open issue list, using filters & saved reports.

Browse & share

STIX – Cyber Threat Intelligence

Use smart360 to exchange Cyber Threat Intelligence

Track attack patterns, vulnerabilities, threats and course of actions agains them.


Collections – Inventory

Track your private collections or organizational inventories.

Know what is in stock and collaborate on it.


Teams & Enterprises

Share information and collaborate across your organization.

Enterprise ready (SSO, Integrations, Calculations, Roles&Permissions)

Leverage powerful best-practice data structures for:

Many templates to run your business processes

Enterprise Architecture, Information Security, …

Projects, GRC, GDPR/DSGVO, …


Free OpenData

Open your data – Transparency & Collaboration

Only smart360 provides a 2-way street on your data

Allow users to clone, augment and merge data

Crowdsource & share insights

Sync your data from source systems

Track changes for all to see


Build your thing

Provide a ready solution to your customers.

Use or provide data subscriptions on top of smart360

Our solid solution & integrations make you a hero without IT knowledge.


Discover data

Browse public data repositories or the ones within your organization. Clone a repository and contribute changes back for the greater good.

Learn from others and use OpenData from cities, government, NGOs and communities worldwide.


Crowdsource data

Your data is distributed within your organization? Or across a network or community?

Get all your data centrally in one repository. Collaborate on your data like it is a wiki or github.

Define the data structure & permissions!


Build Custom Apps

You can not only use ready templates but build custom structured data, roles & permissions etc.

Define what users will see.

Build & provide reporting templates.