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This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

After completing the discussion with Charly and the other Deputy Enterprise Architects in front of the board, Doris has to move on with her day-to-day business: She has to comment on the project requests in her region.

Luckily she has colleagues in each division preparing the required information for the requests. Nina and Tony have already printed out the information flow on the respective information system, additionally the master plan of running and neighboring projects. Nina and Tony are performing a decent job, however, each of their approaches is different. After successful implementation in the architecture board, the user defined dashboards are on Doris’ mind immediately.

She opens the dashboard template for the information system type and wants to edit it according to her idea. But since she will require the template for the next board again Doris decides to create her own dashboard template for her division. She looks for the type information system in the dropdown menu for new templates to no avail. Scolding loudly she proceeds to the coffee kitchen.

In the aisle she meets Metodi, who is as usual busy taking care of iteraplan. Doris wants him to report the bug with the missing entry immediately, but Metodi can calm her down. He has bad and good news for Doris. First the bad news: In iteraplan 3.1 you can create only one dashboard template for each building block type. He demonstrates the good news at his desk: In the next version, which is being tested by Metodi now, this restriction is removed.

Visualization Templates for all


Doris has to wait for a week until Metodi has finished the test and completed the rollout.

In the meantime she goes through the list of new functions in iteraplan 3.2. …


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