EA at ACME Inc. – How can reporting templates help?

EA at ACME Inc. – How can reporting templates help?

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

During his coffee break, Charly meets Metodi, who is responsible for the migration to iteraplan 3.1. Metodi has good news for Charly: from now on, iteraplan offers custom dashboards, and the migration is already completed. With Metodi’s support Charly prepares everything for the major architecture board. First, he creates three visualizations: an information flow diagram, a landscape diagram and a masterplan diagram. In all three diagrams he chooses information systems as content type.

Then he runs the dashboard template. He picks information system as type, just like in the diagrams before. Then he adds the three diagrams to his template. He tops it with a title and enters sub headings. Metodi helps with the formatting, since Charly is not very familiar with the wiki syntax. Charly could have had a quick look at the documentation – however, its faster tapping Metodi’s know how!

Charly and Metodi then go to Doris’ office next door. Metodi shows Doris how to create a dashboard for her area. First, Doris defines a table-type query for the exact information systems she is in charge of. She selects all IS of the business unit ACME-Austria and additionally all IS of the section Risk Management. Doris saves the query.

Now, she creates a dashboard using the template saved previously by Charly. She selects her own savedquery. All are anxious to find out what is going to happen.

Templates, dashboards, saved reports – how do the three elements interact? Read on on Monday … to be continued

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