EA at ACME Inc. – Inconsistent reporting causes frustration

EA at ACME Inc. – Inconsistent reporting causes frustration

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

Charly, Chief Enterprise Architect of ACME Inc., prepares the next major architecture board. His three colleagues, Doris, Dieter and Diane, all Deputy Enterprise Architects in the regional offices, are to report on their respective responsibility areas.

Basically, Charly is interested in the following topics: information systems dependencies due to information flows, gaps within the IT landscape and an up-to-date overview of all information systems and their technical components. License and support periods should be considered as well. The Deputy Enterprise Architects (DEA) report on these topics for their responsibility regions: Americas, EMEA and Austria.

Until now, each DEA has been using his or her own saved queries and visualizations. The Deputies and the Chief are not totally satisfied with it. The DEAs have to run numerous queries and compare the results side by side. The Chief has to consolidate the slightly different versions of the Deputies in his mind in order to actually be able to compare the statements to each other.

Everybody is a bit irritated about this.

How does the story continue? How can iteraplan relieve the strain? Please read on tomorrow … to be continued

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