EA at ACME Inc. – Successful reporting!

EA at ACME Inc. – Successful reporting!

This is a guest blog from Wolfgang Frech (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

Doris created the exact visualization the board needed with minimum effort. She is thrilled with the way the burden of reporting has eased. Charly is convinced too: the visualization looks just the way he designed it before. Charly immediately writes e-mails to Dieter and Diane and requests them to set up identical dashboards for their responsibility areas.

On the next day during the video conference in preparation to the architecture board, Charly, Diane, Doris and Dieter are able to display all of the dashboards, i.e. each their own, as well as their colleagues’. Now it is very easy to compare the situations in different regions. All the presentations look identical.

During the discussion Charly realizes, that he requires a simplified version of the masterplan diagram, with less levels but with extended planning time period. He amends the diagram and saves it, opens the dashboard template and just adds the simplified version… all that while the meeting runs it’s course. All four participants update their dashboards and can immediately see the additional simplified visualizations, displaying the data of their individual responsibility areas and that of all other areas as well.

Thanks to the consistent representations and simple handling, the communication becomes easier and more effective. The next steps are easily spotted and decided upon, therefore, the meeting ends early.

You can test custom dashboards directly in our online demos.

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