How Great is This? Pink Architecture: New Technology Leadership

Guest post from industry expert Jean Gehring.

“I admire Linda Cureton, former CIO of NASA and CEO of Muse Technologies Inc. She writes in InformationWeek  that one of the most essential components of effective IT planning is enterprise architecture (EA). Yet EA is considered by most observers to be an utter failure in government. Given this disconnect, it’s no surprise that the current state of affairs in government IT is bleak.
If EA is so essential and Federal IT is in such bad shape, how can we turn this around? Do we throw money at it? Do we need more guidance from the Office of Management and Budget? Are we using the wrong framework? All of these things have been attempted with varying degrees of success. The answer is in leadership. We need better leadership from EA professionals — we need Pink Architecture.
Pink Architecture employs the leadership style associated most often with women. Perhaps a less sexist description of this style is that of the “servant leader” — leadership that is humble, leads from behind, and is collaborative. In essence, the opposite of what is held up today as the metric for successful architecture leadership.”

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  1. Germain Cornet

    I just finished an enterprise architecture assignment and agree completely with the ‘pink’ architecture approach…it works, it is also my view of architecture leadership….
    Germain Cornet
    Loto Quebec


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