SMART EA 3.4 released

SMART EA 3.4 released

SMART EA 3.4 is released and available as a new enhancement. You can test the new release via our online demo of SMART EA for free!

We highly recommend to update to this modular release, providing many enhancements/add-ons over the original SMART EA 3.3 or iteraplan.

The new release 3.4 provides major improvements by integrating our new SMART Viz with 7 additional relationship visualizations and 9 additional visualizations for time and number series.

The highly improved navigation and icon language is embedded in many views and improves the identification of elements, as well as mobile usage and navigation across SMART EA and SMART Viz.

Here is a full list of changes (also in our Release Notes)

Visualization & UX:

  • Integration with SMART Viz offering 7+ additional visualizations (Add-on)
  • Improved UX with a streamlined navigation menu
  • New icon language, makes it easy to identify elements


  • Fast meatmodel (structural) export via REST (JSON)
  • Fast model (data) export via REST (JSON)
  • Single Sign-On over SAML (Add-on)


  • fixed Javascript injection vulnerability on multiple pages
  • fixed XSS vulnerabilities
  • enhanced SAAS speed experience

You want to know how SMART EA can help you enhance your Enterprise Architecture Program?

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