smartVIZ Data analysis tool

Enhance your data analysis with smartVIZ. smartVIZ is an add-on for any tool that could use some more visualization power. It is all web-based and can use any CSV or JSON based datasource.

You can create custom vector-based visualizations through an amazing simple interface. Some drag and drop with instant feedback ensures a quick refinement to get the perfect visual story you want to tell.

With exports to vector (SVG) or raster (PNG) you can easily share your insights and put that data to use.

Correlation Visualization

Dendogram, Circle Packing, Treemap, Scatterplot, Alluvial, … Many types not available in your current toolset.

EA Visualization Tool

Extension to any Tool

Run our Visualizations with any tool, from our SMART 360° EA, EPM Live or any other management tool that could use some explorative visualizations.


Use your data, pick a visualization and configure it while getting the immediate feedback. No wait to download or render, as the visualization is generated while you drag and drop the data attributes or adjust the visualization.

Get smartVIZ as a monthly subscription or addon to an existing tool