smartEA Release Notes

These Release Notes provide a changelog for smartEA (powered by iteraplan).

How to Use the Release Notes

The release notes give you a brief, high-level description of the new features and enhancements to existing features.

How and When Do Features Become Available?

Some features affect all users immediately after the release goes live.  If you are a SaaS customer your instance is immediately updated and if you are an On Premise customer direct action is required by the smartEA administrator before you can benefit from the new functionality and fixes.

We recommend to always use the latest release to get the latest features and bug fixes. You may want to communicate these changes to your users beforehand so they are prepared and can take advantage of the changes.

See the latest changes for smartEA here:

smartEA Release Notes 3.6 – September 2016


Updated Intelligent User Experience

This release builds upon the improved icon usage (Metamodel, Visualizations and User Guide) in the prior Release 3.5.

  • Building Blocks now have explicit create dates as an addition to the last modification date.
  • New roles can be created over the User Interface.

Reports and Dashboards: Let Data Drive Your Actions

Make more informed decisions using smartEA visualizations and reports.  This release brings enhancements to help you better illustrate your data.

Saved Queries can be sorted by name, usability of the Definitions page is improved, a new Neighborhood Diagram has been added to the Visualizations menu and the Nesting Cluster diagram default enumeration colors are fixed.

La Localizacion Actualizade

Improved Spanish localization supports communication and collaboration.

These smartEA 3.6 Release Notes provide a change log for smartEA (powered by iteraplan).

  • Building blocks have an explicit create date as an addition to the last modification date
  • Introduced Neighborhood Diagram into the Visualizations menu
  • New roles can be created over the user interface
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram: Fixed default enumeration colors
  • Saved Queries are sorted by name
  • Improved usability of the Definitions page
  • Improved Spanish localization

smartEA Release Notes 3.5 – February 2016

Welcome to smartEA 3.5 Release.  This document describes the changes between previous releases as well as some late breaking features and list of fixes.


Improved Planning and Analysis Capabilities

Make better and more informed decisions using smartEA visualizations and reports.  This release improves the Masterplan diagram by adding a setting to remove empty time spans.  The Nesting Cluster diagrams now allow attribute based labeling and improved font size. Certificate to support Visio macros is in place and there is no fixed association queries in Spreadsheet and Graphical Reports.

These smartEA 3.5 Release Notes provide a change log for smartEA (powered by iteraplan).

  • Improved planning analysis in Masterplan diagram (Added setting to not show empty time spans)
  • Improved Icon usage (Icons meta model, visualizations and user guide)
  • Filter related elements on detail view (e.g. Interfaces of an Application can be filtered by the values of an Attribute Type, specified in the application properties.)
  • Attribute-based labeling introduced in the Nesting Cluster Diagram
  • Improved Nesting Cluster Diagram font size
  • Certificate to support Visio macros
  • Fixed JSON Metamodel REST API
  • Fixed No Association queries in Spreadsheet and Graphical Reports
  • Added support for Java 8
  • Updated all underlying libraries for latest support
  • Dropped support for JPEG export format – focus on PNG and SVG
  • Added support for smartScheduler – our integration and scheduling component

Release notes for smartEA 3.4 Final – May 2015

Visualization & UX:

  • Integration with smartVIZ offering 12+ additional Visualizations
  • Improved UX with a streamlined navigation menu
  • New icon language, makes it easy to identify elements


  • Fast meatmodel (structural) export via REST (JSON)
  • Fast model (data) export via REST (JSON)
  • Single Sign-On over SAML


  • fixed Javascript injection vulnerability on multiple pages
  • fixed XSS vulnerabilities
  • enhanced SAAS speed experience

Release notes for smartEA 3.3.0 Final (compared to 3.2)

New features (vs. 3.2):

  • Major overhaul of export & import capabilities
    • partial export/import: possibility to export and import only a specific subset of all data
    • Different strategies for import: Additive (Create/part. Update) & Overwrite (Create/Update/Delete)
    • REST interface: Write access to single building block elements (Create/Update/Delete)
    • HTTP Basic Authentication for REST-API access
  • New direct Excel export: WYSIWYG-export of simple-list query results or spreadsheet reports
  • Report type independent overview for all saved queries
  • Added Kerberos-based Single Sign On in combination with Microsoft IIS
  • Tested for Oracle 12 compatibility
  • Backwards 3.x compatibility with Excel import improved
  • LDAP-based authentication: given and last names are synchronized at login time
  • Improved IE10 support
  • Improved error reporting capabilities

Fixed bugs (vs. 3.2):

  • Fixed issue with displaced text on attribute description popups
  • Fixed issue with missing connection lines in information flow diagrams
  • Fixed a bug causing an error page during configuration of spreadsheet reports. It was related to certain business mapping queries.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the deletion of infrastructure elements in certain cases
  • Fixed issue with notifications not being sent for certain status changes
  • Fixed issue with switching the language on the query console page
  • Fixed issue with changing enum attribute values using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue with deleting an infrastructure element
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

Release notes for smartEA 3.2.0 Final (compared to Version 3.2.RC1)

New features, changes and fixed bugs:

  • Smaller improvements of REST-interface JSON-structure
  • Edit backward-compatibility of CE Visio template
  • Improvement of sample data (date intervals and dashboard example)
  • Fixes regarding XMI-import/export
  • Fix to avoid SQL Exception on Custom-Dashboard initialization
  • Performance-improvement of Nesting-Cluster Diagram-Generation
  • Enabled defective attribute-group-menu for MS SQL Server use
  • Fix to enable last modification properties for instances of relationship types
  • Validation of support for MS SQL Server as backing database
  • Finalization of documentation

Release notes for smartEA 3.2.RC1 (compared to Version 3.1.0 Final)

New features and changes:

  • Improved robustness of Excel and XMI import
  • Performance improvements of Excel and XMI import
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram:
    • An option was added to show inner elements without relation to any of the outer elements in a separate block.
    • Coloring of displayed elements according to their enumeration attribute values was enabled
    • Color legends were added
    • Filtering of inner and outer elements was enabled
  • Introduction of context visualisation “Neighborhood Diagram” for Information Systems
  • Possibility of more than one dashboard template for each building block type was added
  • Improvement of the history functionality by enabling following information to be included:
    • Changes to successors and predecessors of Information Systems and Technical Components
    • Changes to the assignments for Enumeration and Responsibility attribute types
    • Changes to Business Mappings

In final testing phase:

  • Introduction of a REST-interface for requesting landscape data
  • Addition of support for MSSQL Server as backing database.

Fixed bugs:

  • Problems when assigning several Infrastructure Elements to the “uses” relation of another Infrastructure Element where fixed
  • Creating Nesting Cluster Diagrams without contents now works with PDF as well
  • Issue with enumeration attributes without values during Export resolved
  • Some issues in the display of custom dashboards (wrong numbers, colors, layout) were fixed
  • Portfolio Diagrams don’t change orientation depending on their output format anymore
  • Several issues with the Visio output format of diagrams were fixed
  • An error when using the query extension “Properties of assigned Interfaces” of Information Systems was fixed
  • Other minor fixes

Release notes for iteraplan 3.1.0 Final (compared to Version 3.1.RC1)

New features, changes and fixed bugs

  • Improved start script in Community edition to find the Java runtime more reliably from the Windows registry
  • Fixes to the Excel import, which corrupted the hierarchy information in the database in 3.1RC1
    • Fixed NullPointerException in Excel import when wrong cell formats are set
    • newly added Building Blocks can now directly be used in a new relationship
    • reduced the file size of generated Excel template files
  • Various minor improvements to the new Custom Dashboards
  • Masterplan diagram:
    • Added an option to colour date interval bars according to their defined colour
    • Unified labels of the time span bars
  • The default state of switch “Elements with status ‘Inactive’ are shown.” is now configurable server-side
  • Various improvements to the user documentation

Release notes for iteraplan 3.1.RC1 (compared to Version 3.1.M2)

New Features and Changes:

  • Master plan diagram:
    • Visio export support for new masterplan configuration options was added
    • A management UI for date interval definitions has been added (expected minor changes before the 3.1 final release)
    • Saving and loading of queries with new masterplan configuration options works now
  • Custom-defined dashboards:
    • Administrators can embed saved diagram queries into dashboard templates. Height or width of the resulting diagrams can be influenced as well.
    • Users can create their individual dashboards from administrator-defined dashboard templates, by choosing which set of building blocks shall be fed into the dashboard’s diagrams
    • A rich-text editor for dashboard templates was added, which helps insert Wiki syntax for saved diagram queries.
  • Portfolio diagram: When both axes show discrete attributes, circles are positioned into portfolio tiles without overlapping each other. Under these circumstances, exact positioning of circles provides no value at all, as they overlap in almost all cases.
  • Tree View for hierarchical types:
    • Hierarchies can be reordered by dragging and dropping elements or entire sub-trees to a new position in the hierarchy
  • Building block overview lists can now also show status (applies to Information Systems and Technical Components)
  • Query Console results for iteraQl queries can be transferred to graphical report configurations, where applicable. This brings the advanced query power of iteraQl to iteraplan’s graphical reports.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Excel import: imported Interfaces were often incorrectly mapped to existing interfaces, mixing up data for interfaces: Fixed
  • Excel export: Interfaces without a name were missing in full model Excel exports; fixed
  • Bulk updates: Some relation dropdown were always empty: fixed to show available elements for settings relations
  • Spreadsheet reports: Fixed date format for date attribute columns in Simple list results
  • Spreadsheet reports: Fixed incorrect date format validation when specifying operands for date attribute comparison. It was always expected in ISO date format, not the currently active locale’s date format.
  • Corrupted layout on definitions page was fixed

Release notes for iteraplan 3.1.M2 (compared to Version 3.1.M1)

New Features and Changes:

  • Master plan diagram:
    • All Building Block types can be used in the diagram, also in combination with the new time-span reporting capability
    • Indirectly related elements can be included in the diagram as well, to show constellations like Product, supporting Information Systems, and underlying Technical Components
    • Restructured configuration UI for better usability with new features
    • Some new functionality is not yet available in Visio exports, but in all other export formats (this is still work in progress and we will further improve it)
  • Custom-defined Dashboards: Use Wiki syntax to define dashboard templates for each building block type. Users are then able to create individual dashboard instances where they can chose the base set of building blocks that the embedded diagrams should reflect. (this is still work in progress and we will further improve it)
  • Tree View for hierarchical types: In addition to flat list views, hierarchies can now be viewed as trees
  • Export/Import: XLSX Excel file format support further improved for import and export
  • Deployment: iteraplan bundles include Tomcat 7 now, Java 7 is supported
  • Deployment: Compatibility with Java 7; Java 6 support is unaffected and still the required minimum
  • Deployment: Now all settings in can be overridden by, making it easier to maintain site-specific settings across version updates

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed caching parameters for lists of building blocks. This led to missing/ outdated entries in dropdowns when setting relations between building blocks
  • Composite Diagrams: Write permissions for at least one building block were required; fixed to require read permissions only
  • Removal of values from Enumeration or Responsibility attributes caused an internal error; fixed
  • Wiki syntax in multi-line text attributes was not parsed properly; fixed
  • Excel Import: Improved checking for reserved characters in names
  • Special characters in names of saved queries were not correctly displayed in dropdown choices “filter by saved query” on building block overview pages; fixed

Release notes for iteraplan 3.1.M1 (compared to Version 3.0.4)

New Features and Changes:

  • Search saved queries: The reporting user interface offers a full-text search on names and descriptions in a list of saved queries
  • Master plan diagram: Additional time spans can be reported for each building block; they must be captured in date attributes (this is still work in progress and we will further improve it)
  • Export/Import: XLSX Excel file format is supported for import and export (default in Excel 2007/2010/2013, a converter for older Excel versions is available from Microsoft)
  • Export/Import: Exported templates include dropdown lists to assist entering relations between building blocks
  • Metamodel: Infrastructure Elements have a usage relation
  • Improved support for Active Directory Domain forests when using LDAP authentication
  • Deployment: Compatibility with Tomcat 7; Tomcat 6 support is unchanged

Fixed Bugs:

  • Improved an insufficient log message in XMI import
  • Information Flow Diagram: Diagram title and content can no longer overlap in Visio Exports
  • Excel Import: Improved normalization of names with releases, avoiding “Not found with that name” errors
  • Excel Import: Numbers in text-formatted cells can now be imported into text attributes

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.4 (compared to Version 3.0.3)

New improvements and fixed bugs

  • [ITERAPLAN-573] – Copying a Responsibility attribute does not copy its assigned values
  • [ITERAPLAN-885] – Mail address validation in user management fails on dashes in domain names
  • [ITERAPLAN-886] – When using the French UI, some Javascript code is broken
  • [ITERAPLAN-888] – Enumeration attribute values of an element can’t be changed if another element has the same value assigned and hibernate second level cache is deactivated
  • [ITERAPLAN-897] – Excel Import wrongly classifies addition of new enumeration literals as unapplicable change
  • [ITERAPLAN-899] – Underscores in Interface names are not shown properly in Interface section of Information Systems/Technical Components
  • [ITERAPLAN-907] – Excel Export: hierarchical names and formatting incorrect in rows > 308
  • [ITERAPLAN-925] – Tooltip picture does not appear when running iteraplan without an explicit context root
  • [ITERAPLAN-987] – Wiki syntax for text attributes is not interpreted properly
  • [ITERAPLAN-988] – XMI import doesn’t respect relations defined in the XMI file
  • [ITERAPLAN-1000] – Importer causes non-critical database corruption when changing hierarchical relationships of already existing elements
  • [ITERAPLAN-1004] – Importer won’t accept a number when it’s expecting a string in attribute values
  • [ITERAPLAN-1010] – Attribute Detail popups cannot be closed in Chrome
  • [ITERAPLAN-1026] – Excel Template Export of a metamodel with enumeration properties with many and/or long literals can result in an Error
  • [ITERAPLAN-1033] – ModelLoader throws exception when running against oracle databases with many building blocks (affects Excel import)
  • [ITERAPLAN-1194] – Ecore import can’t handle string values where the first character was escaped during export

New Feature

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.3 (compared to Version 3.0.2)

New features, improvements and fixed bugs

  • [ITERAPLAN-785] – Excel-Import: check for duplicate names not always working for Information Systems and Technical Components
  • [ITERAPLAN-819] – Excel Import is only possible with supervisor user
  • [ITERAPLAN-826] – Massupdate cannot edit text attributes (freely defined ones)
  • [ITERAPLAN-827] – Select-Dropdowns always add first element after clicking on them
  • [ITERAPLAN-829] – PrintView: Missing images – e.g. Interface-Direction
  • [ITERAPLAN-823] – Improve MetaModelMatcher and MetaModelDiffer to make imports more robust

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.2 (compared to Version 3.0.1)

New features, improvements and fixed bugs

  • Attributes on relation between Technical Component and Infrastructure Element
  • UI: Show attribute details on-click not mouse-over
  • UI: Show active datasource in breadcrumbs
  • Fixed: IE8 cannot download saved Excel reports over HTTPS connections

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.1 (compared to Version 3.0)

New features and fixed bugs

  • Improved layout and content page for exported Excel sheets.
  • Improved web UI for Excel Import.
  • Detailed user documentation for new Excel export.
  • Warning when showing business mappings fixed.
  • Bugfixes in diagram configurations.
  • Bugfixes in subscriptions.
  • Several minor bugfixes concerning navigation, form usability, security and UI.

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.0 Final (compared to Version 3.0.RC2)

New features, changes and fixed bugs

  • Support for various devices and resolutions (like smartphones/tablets) with responsive design
  • Improved Print View with all tab sections expanded
  • Several minor bugfixes regarding GUI, export, bulk updates and more

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.RC2 (compared to Version 3.0.RC1)

New features, changes and fixed bugs

  • New Excel-Export and Import, removed old Excel-Import
  • Improved Email Subscriptions (Watched Elements)
  • Improved example data and documentation, reflecting new features
  • Several bugs regarding GUI, export, query console and more

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.RC1 (compared to Version 3.0.M2)

New Features and Changes

  • Improvements on new UI – based on Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS
    • Show subscriptions in Context Menu
    • Allow refresh in reporting and close all for open elements of one type
    • Keep collapse state of open elements and watched elements
    • Breadcrumb navigation showing hierarchy
    • Dashboard integrated in visualisation overview
    • Replaced Dojo with JQuery as standard JavaScript framework
    • Many further improvements with less tables, new tooltips, help, …
  • Great enhancements of InformationFlow Diagram (thx. to Sponsorings)
    • Upload Visio template to retain layout in InformationFlow Diagram
    • Filtering BusinessObjects in InformationFlow Diagram
    • New option to show attributes of relation BusinessObject – InformationSystem
  • Nesting Cluster Graphic: Colouring based on number attributes
  • Upload Excel templates for spreadsheet reports
  • Filter attributes on relation BusinessObject – InformationSystem
  • Add user-chosen columns to building block type overview pages
  • Edit/Copy/Delete actions directly accessible in element overview page
  • Reordered hierarchy and relation tabs to reflect same schema across all EA data elements
  • Changed QueryConsole – new iteraQL-Syntax
  • Improved example data, including attribute CRUD on relation BusinessObject – InformationSystem
  • Improved documentation, with new screenshots, reflecting new UI

Fixed Bugs:

  • Several other minor bugs regarding GUI, export and more

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.M2 (compared to Version 3.0.M1)

New Features and Changes

  • New UI – based on Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS
    • cleaner design, nice Icons for most actions
    • better structured menu, showing Visualisations in TopMenu
    • default actions highlighted
  • Finer Permission Control – Distinguish between Create, Delete and Update
  • Filtering Interfaces in InformationFlow Diagram
  • Sorting of columns in Element Overview/Search pages
  • Theming – Define colours of attributes as default colour schema
  • Colour range for numerical attributes
  • Improved permission names
  • Enhanced History functionality (EE only)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Attribute order gets updated after save
  • Updated libraries and refactorings
  • several other minor bugs regarding GUI, export and more

Release notes for iteraplan 3.0.M1 (vs. 2.9.1)

New Features and Changes

  • Show/edit self relations of InformationSystems in both directions
  • The association from Information System Release to Business Object is attributable
  • New overview page showing top elements for all building blocks
  • Drop-down boxes for relations are combined with search filters and offer better performance
  • Landscape diagram: new options to fine-tune aggregation of hierarchical elements
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram: hierarchy can be unrolled and relations with attributes can be visualized
  • Information flow diagram: Line captions can show more than one aspect
  • Enhanced History functionality (EE only)
  • Added localizations for Swedish (contributed by Peter Svensson)
  • Several GUI Improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Filtering Information System based on their Interface direction returned wrong results
  • Bulk update: “Add link or file” button works in all lines now
  • Attribute groups for Business Mappings could not be expanded / collapsed
  • XMI Export lacks values of date attributes
  • Printing with the non-default theme showed a broken page
  • Bad server address in url of direct link to visualization was fixed
  • several other minor bugs regarding GUI, export and more

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.1

Bugs fixed which were part of release 2.9.0:

  • ITERAPLAN-140 – Error-page when selecting an invalid ExcelWorkbook as template for excel export
  • ITERAPLAN-306 – Several Context Graphic trigger TechnicalException (EntityNotFound)
  • ITERAPLAN-307 – Dashboard not shown in the menu navigation if an user has functional permissions only for dashboard
  • ITERAPLAN-308 – NullPointerException when deleting an attribute within a new created ATG
  • ITERAPLAN-323 – Mouseover image partially overlayed by other page content
  • ITERAPLAN-327 – Tabular reportings Xmi-Export: the availableForInterfaces attribute is not exported
  • ITERAPLAN-364 – Clear error messages in Excel Import page on new load
  • ITERAPLAN-365 – Page number not reset after reload
  • ITERAPLAN-366 – Untrimmed values for responsibility attributes cause an error after Excel import
  • ITERAPLAN-369 – Improve GUI validation for attribute type input fields
  • ITERAPLAN-382 – Inserted additional columns in Master plan graphic shown as black cells
  • ITERAPLAN-386 – Nesting Cluster Diagram and Permissions
  • ITERAPLAN-399 – Landscape Diagram: NullPointerException when not using a names legend
  • ITERAPLAN-412 – Direct execution of saved queries fails to download with IE + HTTPS

Improvements over release 2.9.0

  • ITERAPLAN-187 – Load Attribute Type descriptions using Ajax
  • ITERAPLAN-271 – Retain expand/collapse state of attribute groups in building block edit mode
  • ITERAPLAN-294 – Excel Import for ATs: cell references in error and warning messages
  • ITERAPLAN-295 – Excel import for Object-Related-Permissions: cell reference in error and warning messages
  • ITERAPLAN-298 – Improve page load speed by reducing the resources count
  • ITERAPLAN-309 – The name of the doesObjectExist() method is misleading
  • ITERAPLAN-336 – Spreadsheet reports: Use field “suitable for interfaces” in filter criteria and as optional spreadsheet column
  • ITERAPLAN-338 – Improve performance of list filter fields when thousands of elements are in the list
  • ITERAPLAN-357 – Performance improvement in Building block sorting by hierarchical name
  • ITERAPLAN-361 – Improve Nesting Cluster Diagram Output
  • ITERAPLAN-362 – QR Code in diagram reports should be made larger
  • ITERAPLAN-371 – Name as optional identificator for object related permission import
  • ITERAPLAN-372 – Use semicolon as delimiter in object related permission import
  • ITERAPLAN-374 – Nesting Cluster-Diagram: The initializing of the Candidates takes too long
  • ITERAPLAN-380 – Refactoring of ColorDimensionOptionsBean to use a map instead of two lists
  • ITERAPLAN-381 – Nesting Cluster Diagram: allow simple switching of inner and outer element types
  • ITERAPLAN-384 – Space before colon when looking at attributes of building blocks
  • ITERAPLAN-388 – Nesting Cluster Diagram: improve robustness
  • ITERAPLAN-403 – Include MetaInformation of Attributes in Excel-Export
  • ITERAPLAN-340 – Masterplan: Add self relations of Informationsystems
  • ITERAPLAN-332 – Refactoring of the iteraQl Loader
  • ITERAPLAN-387 – Documentation for filtering with seal is missing

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.0

New Features and Changes

  • New diagram types:
    • Nesting Cluster Diagram
    • Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Composite Bar and Pie Charts
  • Information flow diagram (Enterprise Edition only)
    • Visio exports include macros for impact analysis
    • Visio macros for copying diagram layout
  • Landscape Diagram – new options & improved readability
  • Masterplan Diagram – additional self-defined columns available
  • PowerQueries (Enterprise Edition only) – Multiple hops on the meta-model & Traversing hierarchies
  • Generating a Bar-Code on diagrams
  • Performance improvements
  • Management of Business Mappings in matrix style
  • Quality Seal on Information Systems
  • Custom Excel templates for exports
  • Improved Excel import (Performance, Subscriptions, AttributeDef.)
  • Improved XMI Import
  • Unified copy & new release function
  • Successor/Predecessor reports for Technical Components
  • User Interface: New Action Icons on Building Block pages
  • Possibility to clear the Hibernate second-level cache
  • Further improvements based on community feedback, contributions and sponsoring

Fixed Bugs

  • see detailed Milestone Releases for all Bugfixes

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.0 (vs. 2.9.RC1)

New Features and Changes

  • Management of Business Mappings in matrix form was improved further
  • Dashboard: Improved visual alignment of the diagrams and tables
  • iTURM allows administrator users to reset other users’ passwords
  • Building block dialogues: attribute groups do no longer show “Edit” links for users without the required permission
  • Information Flow diagrams: Improved layouting performance when many sub-IS are to be displayed
  • Full text search boxes handle special characters more gracefully, giving better warning/error messages

Fixed Bugs

  • User and role management: Several bugs have been fixed
  • XML export for spreadsheet reports: attribute type information was not exported: Fixed
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram robustness was improved
  • Attribute type group management: Sometimes permission changes were not saved: Fixed
  • Dashboard: Permissions on attributes were ignored: Fixed
  • Some JavaScripts were not properly loaded during first page load if advanced authentication mechanisms are in use: Fixed
  • Visualization tab in building block details works more reliably on older browsers
  • Role permissions were not completely respected when change notifications were sent out: Fixed
  • Permissions were enforced too strictly when loading saved reports involving business mappings: Fixed
  • Various Performance improvements and bug fixes

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.RC1

New Features and Changes

  • Information flow diagrams: Visio exports include macros for impact analysis (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Information flow diagrams: Visio macros for copying diagram layouts (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Landscape diagrams: Improved readability for Visio diagrams (Axis elements on level 3 were made higher, to give room for longer names)
  • Performance improvements
    • Performance improvements for SVG-based graphics. With large numbers of building blocks, graphics generation is multiple times faster
    • JavaScript performance for editing business mappings has been improved
    • Various other improvements
  • Excel Import (Enterprise Edition only):
    • Improved detection of interface flow direction
    • Attributes of all types can now be created via Excel Import (using a dedicated workbook)
    • Importing workbooks with macro formulas or formula references to other files is now possible; cached formula results are used
    • Warnings and error message now include coordinates of the cell which caused the problem
    • Modifications via Excel Import now cause notification mails to be sent to subscribers
  • iteraQL Power Queries: The query knowledge base is automatically kept in sync with the database (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Management of Business Mappings in matrix form was added as prototype implementation
  • Saved queries with result format Excel can now also be loaded for bulk updates
  • Full-text search: Error messages and documentation have been improved with respect to special characters
  • Improved layout of graphical report type overview page
  • Export format select box in Spreadsheet reports was widened, to improve readability in Internet Explorer
  • Dashboard: The list of available attributes is now sorted alphabetically

Fixed Bugs

  • Configuration option “Elements with Status ‘Inactive’ are shown” does filter inactive technical components
  • Syntactical errors in XMI/Ecore export after repeated exports. Fixed
  • XMI Export: Some attributes values were serialized incorrectly: Fixed
  • Several bugs in Excel Import were fixed
  • References to User Groups could not be created in permission management functions: Fixed
  • Attribute groups containing at least one attribute could not be deleted: Fixed
  • Attributes could not be copied in some constellations: Fixed
  • Managing Attribute Groups led to internal error in some cases: Fixed
  • Responsibility attributes: it was possible to assign an already assigned user again, leading to an error message: Fixed
  • Number attributes could not be edited when their ranges were not uniformly distributed (user-defined ranges): Fixed
  • Changing a number attribute value for a copied building block changed it for the original building block as well: Fixed
  • Deleting more than one value at a time in enumeration and responsibility values caused an internal error: Fixed
  • Deleting business mappings from a Business Process, a Product, or a Business Unit left zombie entries in the database: Fixed
  • Spreadsheet reports: After choosing an post-processing option, some export formats were no longer available: Fixed
  • Bulk updates: Insufficient permission checking on building block types: Fixed
  • Hot-keys for Copy and Save did not work as expected: Fixed
  • Landscape diagram: Business Process names were not rendered for SVG/PDF output: Fixed
  • After subscribing to a building block, the list of subscribers was not updated visually: Fixed

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.M3

New Features and Changes:

  • New Diagram type: Nesting Cluster Diagram
  • Performance improvements (Read, Edit, Excel-Import)
  • PowerQueries using our new Query-Console, enabling multiple hops on the meta-model as well as traversing hierarchies.
  • Landscape Diagram – Readability improvements & new Options
    • new Option to not scale content to fit into page
    • optional content spanning of the Landscape Diagram
    • Changed default behaviour and description of Landscape Diagram option – Strict BusinessMapping
    • Non-hierarchical names on landscape diagram (PDF) axis labels
    • Long Colour legends moved to second page
  • Improved Excel Import
    • Performance improvements
    • Handling exceptions during the import of a row without error page, but log warnings and skip of the erroneous row
    • Partial Import possible (Massupdate via Excel)
  • Quality Seal on InformationSystems
  • User Interface: New Action Icons on Building Block Pages
  • Unified Copy: InformationSystems and TechnicalComponents copy now in one step
  • Added possibility to clear the Hibernate second-level cache
  • Interface Name is no longer marked as mandatory
  • Pie-chart in Dashboard shows also empty values

Fixed Bugs:

  • Switching to second page showed unfiltered results on overview page, even though a filter was specified
  • Changesets for subscription emails not correct
  • Wrong Results with BusinessMapping as QueryExtension in TabularReporting
  • Error after deleting an element of an enumeration attribute
  • Landscape Diagram: remove empty columns/rows not working properly
  • Excel-Import: Date attributes can not be imported
  • Error after deleting two elements of an enumeration attribute
  • IS release (copy) function duplicates all enumeration attribute values
  • Saved query “Information systems affected by projects but without accountability” loaded with errors
  • Cluster Diagram with Attributes criterion could not be loaded
  • Cannot open the Attribute Groups page under some circumstances
  • Error based on Corrupted Database (Hierarchy&Positions) – Enhance robustness
  • Notification emails: Number-attributes mistakenly recognized as changed

Release notes for iteraplan 2.9.M2

New Features and Changes:

  • New diagram types: Bar charts, pie charts, composite diagrams bar and pie charts
  • Enhanced filtering for Interfaces, based on interface direction
  • Enhanced filtering: Products and Business Units can be filtered with respect to linked Information Systems
  • Reporting enhancements: Landscape Diagram with new options
  • Excel exports offer more than one generation template
  • Successor/Predecessor reports for Technical Components, in addition to those for Information Systems
  • Additional self-defined columns in masterplan diagrams available
  • Improved Browser compatibility of Dashboard page
  • Improved XMI import
  • Improved Excel import
  • Compatibility between Scenario functionality and database caching
  • Performance improvements
  • Many Improvements, bug fixes, updated libraries, … thanks to all reporters!

Release notes for iteraplan 2.8.1

Bugs fixed which were part of release 2.8.0:

  • ITERAPLAN-8 Info flow diagram generation (Visio) fails with some interfaces
  • ITERAPLAN-11 Permission-bug when creating reports without permission to view information systems
  • ITERAPLAN-12 Non-hierarchical names on landscape diagram (PDF) axis labels
  • ITERAPLAN-13 Error at filtering of Infrastructure Elements with query
  • ITERAPLAN-14 Print views are not CSS-styled
  • ITERAPLAN-18 IndexOutOfBoundsException at iteraplan Dashboard
  • ITERAPLAN-25 CSS resources are not UTF8-encoded but JAWR expects UTF8
  • ITERAPLAN-29 Reset-button does not reset the GUI
  • ITERAPLAN-30 Bulk delete of technical components
  • ITERAPLAN-32 The copying and creating of new ISR releases happens in more than one transaction / fails partly
  • ITERAPLAN-39 NullPointerException while rendering business mapping view extension of assigned Technical Components
  • ITERAPLAN-41 Error 500 in context graphics Masterplan with Technical Components
  • ITERAPLAN-67 Certain names of saved queries prevent the “directly execute saved query”-menu of the diagram reports start page from showing
  • ITERAPLAN-69 Spreadsheet reports: Output formats not working correctly
  • ITERAPLAN-73 Hibernate query exceeds Oracle SQL limitations for IN clauses
  • ITERAPLAN-74 Hibernate/EhCache should respect active datasource and not mix up database contents
  • ITERAPLAN-76 Bulk Delete of hierarchical elements fails: LazyInitException
  • ITERAPLAN-78 Excel import of attributes for interfaces does not work properly
  • ITERAPLAN-81 Enum Attribute detail description texts are not properly escaped for JavaScript
  • ITERAPLAN-82 Enum attribute value descriptions cannot be edited
  • ITERAPLAN-92 Error page when loading saved landscape diagrams under special circumstances
  • ITERAPLAN-94 Deleting users in iteraplan fails
  • ITERAPLAN-98 Improve saving of the BusinessMappings –> enhanced validation to prevent DB corruption
  • ITERAPLAN-105 Criteria Filtering on overview pages applies too strict date ranges and omits legitimate search results
  • ITERAPLAN-119 Respect user’s permissions when rendering Dashboard views
  • ITERAPLAN-122 Permission denied: cannot execute a saved cluster diagram query defined by me
  • ITERAPLAN-123 Error page when switching back and forth between configuration steps of graphical reports, in case the query returns a high number of elements
  • ITERAPLAN-131 Opening information flow diagram results in error
  • ITERAPLAN-143 Spreadsheet report ignore attribute group permissions
  • ITERAPLAN-161 Correct default behaviour and wrong/unclear description of LandscapeDiagram option – Strict BusinessMapping
  • ITERAPLAN-171 New release / Copy Information System fails with error page, but semi-initialized copy is created