smartEA 3.3 released

smartEA 3.3 is released and was successfully deployed for our SAAS customers. In addition, our clients can download and upgrade to this new release.

The new release 3.3 provides major improvements concerning integration and usability.

You can now profit from the following new integration features:

  • Different import strategies: Use the best strategy for your integration requirements
  • Partial export/import: Limit the data to your relevant information
  • Write via REST API: Load data from other sources into your architecture repository
  • HTTP Basic Authentication: Choose from multiple methods when accessing smartEA data
  • Extended LDAP synchronization: Work with the most current user information from your LDAP

We optimized smartEA’s usability by providing:

  • Single Sign On (SSO): Access your enterprise architecture with one click
  • Customized exports (Excel export): Get an individual sheet fitting to your needs
  • Overview of all saved reports: Search and find your saved reports even faster
  • IE 10 support: Access smartEA with your favorite browser
  • Error logs as ZIP-download: Get all necessary support information in one click

New features will be presented in a blog series as before.

Please provide us with your feedback, suggestions or questions at any time.

Stay tuned for the next smartEA release 3.4.

At last, many thanks to the development team for its great work and to the community for several ideas and demands for new features! Only with this participation it is possible to drive the smartEA development in a user-centric way.

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