Typical EA Questions and SMART EA Reports

As complexity of IT landscapes increases, the speed of changes is increasing and information for decisions becoming more important, the need and interest in Enterprise Architecture (EA) and tooling/reports/visualization in EA is becoming immanent.

To help with convincing business about the benefits of an EA Tool, we created a slidedeck with questions/concerns you as an Enterprise Architect might have heard quite often from your stakeholders. It showcases how a tool like SMART 360° EA or iteraplan can be used to answer these questions with smart EA reports.

The key requirements often include an easy to use, cost effective tool that captures data so that we could answer key application and technology questions. These slides will review those questions and how the application answers them via reports and visualizations:


The purpose of the slides is to get a feel for how an EA tool could be used effectively in your organization and what smart ea reports to use.

It is based on a couple of common requirements in IT Management but might need to be tailored for your specific situation. It can be part of BusinessCase or Proposal. Feel free to share and adapt as you see fit.

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