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Enterprise Architecture and PPM

Do your Enterprise Architecture and PPM Strategies align with your desired business and technology investments? In order to translate business and technology strategies into execution, Enterprise Architecture has to link the desired outcomes to the delivered outcomes. This overview provides insight into how Project Architecture plays a crucial role in the project life-cycle, in the elimination […]

How Great is This? Pink Architecture: New Technology Leadership

Guest post from industry expert Jean Gehring. “I admire Linda Cureton, former CIO of NASA and CEO of Muse Technologies Inc. She writes in InformationWeek  that one of the most essential components of effective IT planning is enterprise architecture (EA). Yet EA is considered by most observers to be an utter failure in government. Given […]

How to build your corporate Enterprise Architecture Function inspired by Google’s Design function

How Google built their central design function (known as UXA – User Experience Alliance) can be a lesson and guidance on how to built a central EnterpriseArchitects function. This dawned on my reading the great Fast Company article about how design finally made its way into Google, not only within each product, but also as a function within […]

Datafication of Human Resources

As data sciences are disrupting industries they are also disrupting divisions of organizations. Datafication of Human Resources is one of them. We have already encountered this with our enterprise social graph offering. Providing data driven insights and grounding your actions on data improves success of companies and within companies. We recommend the following reading from Josh […]

Journey from Enterprise Social Graph to Communication Dashboard

As the LeanStartup Challenge is nearing its end with DemoDay today, the following blogpost sums up our journey and learning so far, and might be useful for your startup adventure. Based on our Enterprise Architecture Work and the many stakeholders involved there (IT, PMO, Business, …) we were confronted with one recurring theme: Who is […]

Business to HR alignment

Transferring some approaches over from Business-IT Alignment to Business-HR Alignment: Business HR Alignment Definition #1: Business-HR Alignment is the capacity in which your Organization (Employees, Reporting Structures, Communication, Collaboration, …) has a positive relationship to financial measurements or business outcomes. Business HR Alignment Definition #2: The Business-HR alignment integrates the organizational development to the strategy, mission, and […]