Business to HR alignment

Business to HR alignment

Transferring some approaches over from Business-IT Alignment to Business-HR Alignment:

Business HR Alignment Definition #1:

Business-HR Alignment is the capacity in which your Organization (Employees, Reporting Structures, Communication, Collaboration, …) has a positive relationship to financial measurements or business outcomes.

Business HR Alignment Definition #2:

The Business-HR alignment integrates the organizational development to the strategy, mission, and goals of the organization.

So to align your business and your HR you should:

  • View your employees as a critical success factor
  • Have a strategy, mission and goals (syncs to “All successful companies start with WHY“)
  • Manage, measure, improve the Strategy 2 Execution (Strategy is often lost in translation)
    • Measure communication
    • Measure collaboration
    • Experiment and improve based on numbers
  • Empower employees and foster communication
  • Know your current capabilities and your desired ones
  • Lead change by example
  • Create a company culture that is build on sharing and continuos improvements
  • … what else do you suggest?

Interestingly there are lots of Business-IT Alignment Frameworks, Tools, Consulting Services out there.

What is your favorite part for Business-HR Alignment? Is it necessary? Is it already well covered by traditional HR? Or do we need to change our knowledge because organizations need to adapt quicker and in a broader way than before?

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  • James Lawther
    Posted at 01:56h, 14 October Reply

    I love the point “Experiment and improve based on numbers”

    I wonder how many HR departments use empirical data to adjust their policies and procedures.


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