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smartEA 3.5 released

SMART EA 3.5 is released and available as a new enhancement. You can test the new release via our online demo of SMART EA for free! Improved Planning and Analysis Capabilities Make better and more informed decisions using smartEA visualizations and reports.  This release improves the Masterplan diagram by adding a setting to remove empty time spans.  The […]

Lean EAM Conference – EA thought leaders gathered

We had a blast this week while exhibiting at the Lean EAM Konferenz in Munich, Germany. Thanks to more than 100 participants to our product demonstrations, exchange of enterprise architecture best practices, talkideas on how to move the discipline further along. Inge Hanschke and her team at Lean42 did a stellar job to get all EA […]

Enterprise Architecture and PPM

Do your Enterprise Architecture and PPM Strategies align with your desired business and technology investments? In order to translate business and technology strategies into execution, Enterprise Architecture has to link the desired outcomes to the delivered outcomes. This overview provides insight into how Project Architecture plays a crucial role in the project life-cycle, in the elimination […]

If in doubt leave it out – 10 Golden Rules for Enterprise Architecture

Distilled from many Enterprise Architecture Consulting engagements Karsten Voges published 10 rules for Enterprise Architecture Practitioners to guide your modeling efforts: If in doubt, leave it out: if you are uncertain that you need data – leave it out, it simplifies your initiative in the long run; Model to the highest level of abstraction, that still gives […]

Lean Enterprise Architecture Conference in Munich

Our Partner Lean42 is announcing their Lean EAM Conference for October 13th 2015 in Munich, Germany. SMART 360 will be present and is proud to support one of the most important practitioner gatherings of Enterprise Architects in Germany. You can sign up for Lean EAM Conference or read more in the following announcement document Lean EAM […]

SMART EA 3.4 released

SMART EA 3.4 is released and available as a new enhancement. You can test the new release via our online demo of SMART EA for free! We highly recommend to update to this modular release, providing many enhancements/add-ons over the original SMART EA 3.3 or iteraplan. The new release 3.4 provides major improvements by integrating our new SMART […]

How Great is This? Pink Architecture: New Technology Leadership

Guest post from industry expert Jean Gehring. “I admire Linda Cureton, former CIO of NASA and CEO of Muse Technologies Inc. She writes in InformationWeek  that one of the most essential components of effective IT planning is enterprise architecture (EA). Yet EA is considered by most observers to be an utter failure in government. Given […]

smartEA 3.3 released

smartEA 3.3 is released and was successfully deployed for our SAAS customers. In addition, our clients can download and upgrade to this new release. The new release 3.3 provides major improvements concerning integration and usability. You can now profit from the following new integration features: Different import strategies: Use the best strategy for your integration requirements […]

Typical EA Questions and SMART EA Reports

As complexity of IT landscapes increases, the speed of changes is increasing and information for decisions becoming more important, the need and interest in Enterprise Architecture (EA) and tooling/reports/visualization in EA is becoming immanent. To help with convincing business about the benefits of an EA Tool, we created a slidedeck with questions/concerns you as an […]