Release 2021-04

Every day smart360 is delivering value to customers from different industries around the world. It is exciting to see how our product team just added more features and enhancements to our SaaS no-code data collaboration platform – April release:

  1. Improved Performance, stability & updated technologies
  2. New Bubble Chart visualization
  3. New Org Chart visualization
  4. UX – Renaming to make data structure changes easier
    1. Data structure (formerly Meta Model)
    2. Table (formerly Element Type)
    3. Link Tables (Relationship)
    4. Column (formerly Property or Feature)
    5. Tab (formerly Feature Group)
    6. Lookup table (Enumeration) & Options (Literals)
  5. UX – new repository switcher & more tooltips
  6. Many small improvements & fixes

Check our release notes for screenshots and more:

Enterprise Architecture, Cyber Security, GRC, Portfolio Management – we got you covered.

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