smartEA 3.6 released

SMART EA 3.6 is released and available as a new enhancement. You can test the new release via our online demo of SMART EA for free!

Updated Intelligent User Experience

This release builds upon the improved icon usage (Metamodel, Visualizations and User Guide) in the prior Release 3.5.

  • Building Blocks now have explicit create dates as an addition to the last modification date.
  • New roles can be created over the User Interface.

Reports and Dashboards: Let Data Drive Your Actions

Make more informed decisions using smartEA visualizations and reports.  This release brings enhancements to help you better illustrate your data.

Saved Queries can be sorted by name, usability of the Definitions page is improved, a new Neighborhood Diagram has been added to the Visualizations menu and the Nesting Cluster diagram default enumeration colors are fixed.

La Localizacion Actualizade

Improved Spanish localization supports communication and collaboration.

These smartEA 3.6 Release Notes provide a change log for smartEA (powered by iteraplan).

  • Building blocks have an explicit create date as an addition to the last modification date
  • Introduced Neighborhood Diagram into the Visualizations menu
  • New roles can be created over the user interface
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram: Fixed default enumeration colors
  • Saved Queries are sorted by name
  • Improved usability of the Definitions page
  • Improved Spanish localization

The full list of changes is also in our Release Notes.

How and When Do Features Become Available?

Some features affect all users immediately after the release goes live.  If you are a SaaS customer your instance is immediately updated and if you are an On Premise customer direct action is required by the smartEA administrator before you can benefit from the new functionality and fixes.

We highly recommend to update to this modular release, providing many enhancements/add-ons over the earlier SMART EA or any iteraplan release. You may want to communicate these changes to your users beforehand so they are prepared and can take advantage of the changes.

You want to know how SMART EA can help you enhance your Enterprise Architecture Program?

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