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REST interface reading smartEA (iteraplan) data

Since release 3.2 an REST interface is available to customers using the smartEA (iteraplan). This technical amendment represents the first step of an improved automatic processing of your EA data. Via an URl model and meta model data from smartEA (iteraplan) can be retrieved in JSON format for further editing. Such information can then be integrated […]

iteraplan 3.1 feature: Enhanced Excel-Import&Export

This is a guest blog from Fabian Kainzinger (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog. Another new feature in iteraplan 3.1 (released in July 2013) affects the Excel-Import & Export which is included in the iteraplan Enterprise-Edition. Now iteraplan also supports XSLX as import and export format: The latest Excel-Version 2013 uses – like the preceding versions […]