iteraplan 3.1 feature: Enhanced Excel-Import&Export

iteraplan 3.1 feature: Enhanced Excel-Import&Export

This is a guest blog from Fabian Kainzinger (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

Another new feature in iteraplan 3.1 (released in July 2013) affects the Excel-Import & Export which is included in the iteraplan Enterprise-Edition.

Now iteraplan also supports XSLX as import and export format:

Excel Import Export iteraplan 3.1

Excel-Import&Export in iteraplan 3.1

The latest Excel-Version 2013 uses – like the preceding versions since Excel 2007 – an open, XML-based data format with the file extension .xlsx, respectively .xslm as standard. Even though the ‘old’ format with the file extension .xls is still usable, most of iteraplan’s users have moved on to a newer Excel version by now. There is a compatibility pack for Excel 2003 to use the new file format.

The Excel-Import&Export in iteraplan release 3.1 has been revised in significant areas. For the import and export of data both the formats XLS and XLSX are available now. iteraplan users, therefore, might use a bigger variety of programs for data exchange without having to go through a conversion process between the different Excel file formats. In addition, the import and export functionality has been improved regardless of the used data format.

You can already test the updated Excel-Import&Export feature in the current iteraplan Beta Version. Click here for our demo page or go directly to the Latest Version of the Enterprise-Edition.

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