iteraplan 3.1 feature: Reordering mode in tree view

iteraplan 3.1 feature: Reordering mode in tree view

This is a guest blog from Fabian Kainzinger (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

Data maintenance of all hierarchical building block types is highly simplified in iteraplan release 3.1 (out since last week): The tree view now offers a reorder-mode with which elements can be repositioned interactively by drag & drop.

Activating the reordering mode

Most building block types available in iteraplan are capable of modelling hierarchic dependencies. A specific element may own superordinate and subordinate elements; e.g. for a project there may be sub-projects. For these dependencies the view type can be switched from list to tree thus enabling the display of such hierarchies. Starting with iteraplan 3.1 changes can be made within the tree view. After activating the reordering mode (see screenshot), elements and whole subtrees might be reordered via drag & drop. All changes made will be saved immediately and effect visualizations right away.

You can test the new feature easily in your web browser via the iteraplan online demos.

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