iteraplan 3.1 feature: Improved portfolio diagram layout

iteraplan 3.1 feature: Improved portfolio diagram layout

This is a guest blog from Fabian Kainzinger (iteratec) – for more see iteraplan blog.

With iteraplan release 3.1 (launched in July 2013) the portfolio diagram’s layout was improved: An overlapping of elements with discrete property values is avoided now.

With iteraplan’s portfolio diagram you can lay out elements in two dimensions. To place an element on the x or y axis any attribute of the respective element type might be selected. If the chosen attribute has a discrete value range (i.e. it’s an enumeration type), the elements used to be placed at the right position, however, they might have overlapped with themselves.

This problem is now avoided automatically. Should both attributes have discrete values, the respective elements will be displayed within one quadrant next to each other. The placement of the elements within the quadrant represents no statement on the element, it is driven by an algorithm to save space. Size and coloration of elements can be – as before – selected additionally to display additional attribute values.

The former Portfolio Diagram behaviour
The new Portfolio Diagram behavior
former behaviour new behaviour

You can already test the improvement in the portfolio diagram using the current version of iteraplan. Please see our demo-page or click directly here: Community-Edition or Enterprise-Edition.

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