Relationship based visualizations in EA

This is a guest blog from Karsten Voges – for more see his personal blog.

Why are clusters, graphs and other relations so popular in EA?

Very common in Enterprise Architecture are relationship based visualizations. This is in contrast to many other management disciplines.
Most other management visualizations often come down to some sort of number visualization, being it Bar-Chart, Pie-Charts or others.
So why is the EA world so interested in the relationship based visualizations?

Maybe it is because EA main effort as well as many benefits are in relating very different data areas in an organization to each other, e.g. Apps on Servers, Apps in Business Processes, Data Object in Organizational Context, …
Because these relationship are so new to have for many organizations, most and most common visualizations always are relationship based.

Examples of relationship based visualizations

Example of relationship based visualizations are:

  • Cluster
  • Landscape
  • Graphs
Tree Diagram
Hierarchical-Tree or Relation-Tree

We will look into them in more details in a follow up post.

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