smartEA (iteraplan) recognition as innovative and capable EA Tool

SMART360°Biz is proud to announce that smartEA (iteraplan) is now recognized by both leading EA industry analysts. In November 2012, Gartner listed smartEA (iteraplan) in the Visionary category on the EAM Magic Quadrant report and now Forrester has highlighted smartEA (iteraplan) as a Vendor of Note in their WAVE: EA Management Suites report. smartEA (iteraplan) recognition and adoption is picking up fast.

“iteraplan offers a broad set of functionality close to the caliber of other EAMS vendors.” Additionally the modeling, reporting and portfolio management capabilities were mentioned. “Forrester recommends that clients unsure of whether they are ready for the full EAMS experience experiment with this cheaper, lower-risk, and still quite capable product”. Forrester WAVE EA MANAGEMENT SUITES 2013

smartEA (iteraplan)’s open-source Community Edition is free of charge and is an excellent means to use the basic functions of the tool. Download it free of charge from For additional functionality smartEA (iteraplan) Enterprise Edition, a commercial tool comes with an enhanced feature set, robust reporting and visualizations and enterprise-wide user license and support.

We thank our U.S. and Canadian customers for helping put smartEA (iteraplan) onto the industry analysts map and gaining this recognition!

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