smartEA (iteraplan) 3.2 Preview – Releasenotes

smartEA (iteraplan) 3.2 is getting ready and we want to give you a short preview on what new features, changes and fixes to expect.

We are happy to showcase smartEA to you, just contact us!

smartEA (iteraplan) 3.2 new features and changes:

  • Excel and XMI import
    • Performance improvements
    • Improved robustness
  • Nesting Cluster Diagram:
    • Filtering of inner and outer elements enabled
    • Coloring based on enumeration attribute values now possible
    • Color legends added
    • Show inner elements without relation to any of the outer elements in a separate block (additional option)
  • New context visualization “Neighborhood Diagram” for Information Systems
  • Unlimited Dashboard templates
  • History functionality further expanded, now enabling:
    • Changes to successors and predecessors of Information Systems and Technical Components
    • Changes to the assignments for Enumeration and Responsibility attribute types
    • Changes to Business Mappings
  • New REST-interface for requesting landscape data
  • MSSQL Server now possible as backing database

smartEA (iteraplan) 3.2 fixed bugs:

  • Problems when assigning several Infrastructure Elements to the “uses” relation of another Infrastructure Element were fixed
  • Creating Nesting Cluster Diagrams without contents now works with PDF as well
  • Issue with enumeration attributes without values during Export resolved
  • Some issues in the display of custom dashboards (wrong numbers, colors, layout) were fixed
  • Portfolio Diagrams don’t change orientation depending on their output format anymore
  • Several issues with the Visio output format of diagrams were fixed
  • An error when using the query extension “Properties of assigned Interfaces” of Information Systems was fixed
  • Other minor fixes

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