smartEA – Sparx EA integration

Your EA Repository & your Architect’s favorite modeling Tool: Integrated!

The smartEA Tool – Sparx EA Integration helps enterprise architects to align Technologies and IT systems with business architecture and strategic enterprise goals combining the web-based smartEA with the windows client for UML Modeling.

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smartEA UI style in Sparx EA
Have our types, visuals and relationships at your modeling fingertips in Sparx EA, same look.

Use smartEA data in Sparx EA
All the data from the central EA Repository of smartEA is available within Sparx EA to model further details of your architecture.

Integration: Roundtrip data
Update the data in smartEA central EA repository based on your changes in Sparx EA. Merge changes in your local modelling tool.



Benefit #1:
Let your Architects use their favorite modeling tool with all the central EA data.
Benefit #2:
Use the same elements, names and relationships in both tools
Benefit #3:
Create and share diagrams and visualizations with the power of Sparx EA.
Benefit #4:
Update the information in your central EA Repository automatically, based on the visual modeling in Sparx EA.
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Different versions – to fit your needs!

smartEA for Sparx EA (MDG)
per user
  • Model-based framework for implementing architectures
  • Supports smartEA notation
  • Tightly integrated with Enterprise Architect
  • Extends UML 2.1
  • Supports our Best-practice approach to Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Built-in support for smartEA types, relationships, Diagrams and much more