smartEA – PPM integration

Your EA Repository & your Project Management: Integrated!

The smartEA Tool – PPM Integration (EPMLive, daptiv or CA Clarity PPM) helps enterprise architects and project managers to work together and align Technologies and IT systems with project portfolio and project changes. This combines the web-based smartEA Tool with a web-based project management tool like daptiv, CA PPM or EPMLive.

Get automated EA and PPM integration today!

SMART EA Startscreen


Easy transition between your EA Data and your Project data – both being in the web.

Use smartEA data in PPM toolset
All the relevant data from the central EA Repository of smartEA is available within your PPM tool to better assess your projects and facilitate your planning.

Integration: Roundtrip data
Automatically updates the data in smartEA central EA repository based on your changes in PPM tool. See the latest project updates and use the project status for filtering and highlighting in your EA Visualizations.


Benefit #1:
Let your ProjectManagers use their favorite tool enhanced with all the central EA data.
Benefit #2:
Use the same elements, names, attributes and relationships in both tools
Benefit #3:
Create and share diagrams and visualizations with your work force stakeholders within PPM tool of your choice.
Benefit #4:
Update the information in your central EA Repository automatically, based on the latest project updates.
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