Enterprise Social Graph

We help you to know how your organization REALLY works:

  1. Identify bottlenecks and pain points in your organization.
  2. Better allocate time, energy and resources.
  3. Our enterprise analytics technology uses communication and organizational data to align your organization with your strategy.

What is an Enterprise Social Graph?

An enterprise social graph is a representation of the extended social network of a business, encompassing relationships among its employees, vendors, partners, customers, and the public.

Your Benefits with an Enterprise Social Graph

We want to help organizations in building their enterprise social graph and in gaining the following benefits based on that graph:

  • Monitor and act on these relationships and changes within them
    • Mergers/Acquisitions of vendors or partners
    • Customers responses in social media
    • Regulations
    • employees leaving or new hires
  • Reduce project risks
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Speed up new hires
  • Enable better communication & collaboration
  • Build an employee centric culture
  • Foster long term thinking and relationships
  • Become better citizens and partners of the public

Our SMART360°Biz Graph:

We will be using/combining data from different data-sources of a company to build their enterprise social graph. This graph then becomes the platform/foundation for different services within the organization.
Data sources will be:

  • Employee Directory (LDAP), including Roles/Groups of employees
  • Email Metadata (Sender, Receiver, Date/Time, Size, …)
  • Internal Social Networks (e.g. Google+, Yammer, …)
  • Enterprise Tools, e.g.:
    • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) – covering relations of projects, business units, processes to applications and their servers, each possible with responsible employees or vendors.
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – a system that is used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business
    • Project Planner – providing project managers, risks, importance, …
  • Other Collaboration tools like Wikis, Chats, …

Your Enterprise Enabler:

Our algorithms support you and your different use-cases. We make your benefits and insights of the enterprise social graph available for management as well as for each employee, by e.g.:

  • Provide suggestions on who to follow/network with for employees
  • Routing of vendor/partner request to the best person in your organization
  • Let people know who to ask for specific topics
  • Assess risks of projects based on planned staffing
  • Assess new hires or promotions before you commit to them
  • Help new hires/promotions by identifying what networking gaps they need to fill, who they need to talk to, etc
  • Help your organization responding to outside communication on public social networks
  • Let compliance check who has access to certain information and the risk of losing it
  • Form projects and their team members according to the enterprise graph
  • … many more use-cases based on company